Our references

König Galerie

The breathtaking, brutalistic architecture of one of the world’s leading galleries for contemporary art is scented sporadically and discretely with an extremely attractive, minimalistic scent that is perfectly fitting to materials and architecture of the former church.


The components of the “concrete” scent of Comme des Garçons were made tangible during the launch event in New York via Scentcontroller systems. Guests were able to experience scenographically controlled individual scents.


At the ifa trade show in Berlin, the Samsung brand scent was first presented to the public via ScentDiffuser systems that dispersed the scented air across several thousand square meters of space.


As part of Lufthansa flight training, information about potential hazards is conveyed by scents that are selectively generated by Scentcontroller and have to be identified by the crews.


Brands such as Roger&Gallet allow consumers to experience their own world of fragrances at the point of purchase by using Scentcubes and PowerScent cartridges - e.g. in drug stores, with a side effect of significantly enhancing the shopping experience in general. Further L’Oréal brands have presented their fragrances on Scentcontroller systems interactively - e.g. in perfumeries such as Douglas and Duty Free Stores in airports.


Scentcommunication enhances the shopping experience using a range of scent systems that vary by theme and season and are coordinated with the visually perceived store decorations.


Sophisticated Hermès fragrances are displayed authentically, interactively and precisely controllable on our Scentcontroller technologies - in retail environments as well as in museum’s exhibitions such as “The Art of Scent” in New York’s Museum of Art and Design.


Many chain stores of the fashion label are equipped with Scense, which subtly diffuses the unique scent of the label via PowerScent cartridges.

Estee Lauder

For many years all different Estée Lauder brands from Aveda to Jo Malone have used Scentcommunication’s scent systems for the presentation of their fragrances in digital environments, retail and show rooms and exhibitions.

Adenauser & Co

German fashion brand Adenauser & Co features its brand scent “Ocean Breeze” in all its retail outlets and enhances the atmosphere and its brand perception. Also online orders are scented and reach the customer to create a memorable experience. Now customers can also purchase this highly demanded fragrance for their homes as reed diffusers.


The idea of Wellness, bath rituals and Dornbracht’s brand experience are communicated on fairs and trade shows - scent adds a new dimension to it: ScentDiffuser systems enhance the architecture and temporary spaces. Additionally, Scentcommunication supported Dornbracht in its development of new shower concepts to which scents are added.

Deutsche Bahn

Deutsche Bahn, the world’s leading passenger and logistics company, has been working with Scentcommunication for several years to enhance the quality of train travel. A joint study carried out with Munich’s LMU university investigated how scent affects the perceived quality of travel, service, brands and many other parameters. The use of fragrance significantly improved almost all of the analyzed parameters.


For many years, Scentcommunication has promoted the communication of flavors in various contexts, in particular at Points of Sale in many countries all over the world. Various scent systems are used, ranging from simple ScentGranule sachets on the shelves to complex multimedia installations at trade shows and events.


Chanel trusts the authentic rendition of its fragrances on Scentcommunication’s Scentcontroller systems - e.g. during world’s first art exhibition that featured the creation of fragrances as art: “The Art of Scent” at New York’s Museum of Art and Design.


Die Uhrenmanufaktur Roger Dubuis gehört zur Richemont-Gruppe und betreibt Boutiquen in Europa, den USA, dem Nahen Osten und Asien. Alle Boutiquen setzen den Roger-Dubuis-Markenduft ein, der die hochwertige Anmutung unterstützt.


Together with Sissel Tolaas Scentcommunication has equipped Flagship Stores e.g. in the US, Russia, Korea or Germany with their brand scent, accompanied by a market research.


A wide range of scent projects from development of brand scents for different BMW brands, the definition of scents in cars, the development of scent systems and solutions up to communicate BMW’s Ambient Air fragrances at auto shows, show rooms and events, best describe the cooperation between Scentcommunication and BMW.