Scentcommunication has been developing scent concepts, scent marketing, high-tech scent technology, scent storage media and scents and systems for brands and special applications since 2003. A further focus of our work is the creation of scents as well as the development and implementation of concepts for scent dispersion, the development and promotion of brand awareness, and the differentiation of companies, brands and products through scents and flavors as well as assistance in marketing products and services via scent as a medium.

After completing a master’s degree in business administration, the founder of Scentcommunication, Robert Müller-Grünow, initiated the project aerome in 1997. This project involved pioneering work in the development of new scent applications in media and communication. Scentcommunication has many years of experience in the area of scent development, scent creation as well as the technical development of scent systems.

Scentcommunication finds the perfect scent for each and every application. Our unique systems can precisely control scents and flavors and achieve a long-lasting and authentic reproduction of even highly complex scent compositions using very gentle processes.

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