The SCENTCOMMUNICATION Scense is made of brushed aluminum and is a design alternative to Scentcomunicatiopn's Scentcube, another system from our product line. Optimized air flow designed by Airbus engineers takes the scent delivery to perfection. The ScentGel cartridge technology of the system allows a powerful, high-quality, long-lasting, discrete and healthy scent experience.


The ScentCube creates a pleasant and well controlled room atmosphere. With its modern and attractive design, the ScentCube provides a new way to improve the ambience of living spaces. The dry storage and diffusing technologies enable authentic scent experiences, controllable scent intensity and long-lasting scent quality. The ScentCube can be set up in almost any public or private space up to 60 square meters (650 square feet) in size. Compared to conventional ambient scenting systems (mostly liquid-based), Scense enables scent branding and cleanly and cost-effectively dispenses a fragrance of your choice into rooms. Due to its simple locking system, aluminum housing and smaller dimensions.