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The aluminum-made Scense is the perfect solution to enhance a smaller environment with scents, to increase well-being and brand recognition. Optimized air flow designed by Airbus engineers takes the scent delivery to perfection. The subtle ScentGel and more intense PowerScent cartridge technologies allow a powerful, high-quality, long-lasting, discrete and healthy scent experience in smaller environments of up to 60sqm / 600sqf.


The ScentCube creates a pleasant and perfectly controllable ambient atmosphere. With its modern and attractive design, the ScentCube provides a new way to improve the ambience of living spaces. The dry storage and diffusing technology enables authentic scent experiences, controllable scent intensity and long-lasting scent quality. The ScentCube can be set up in smaller public or private spaces of up to 60 square meters (600 square feet). Compared to conventional ambient scenting systems (mostly liquid-based), the Scentcube as well as the Scense enable scent branding and clean and cost-effective, plug-and-play and easy to use individual fragrance experiences.


Scentcommunication’s ScentDiffuser product family creates very controllable scent experiences in all kinds of spaces and rooms. ScentDiffusers are designed for professional scenting, they can be used stand-alone or connected to HVAC-systems and air ducts to precisely release fragrances and flavors into any size of space. Contact us – Scentcommunication will advise you and will offer you the best scenting solution according to your requirements.


The ScentController product family is designed for interactive and individual scent experiences. The systems can authentically create brand product’s fragrances or accompany multimedia or virtual reality applications with scents. This globally unique technology allows highest scent controllability.

Special Scent Applications

Scentcommunication develops scent solutions for special applications in close cooperation with you. My it be automotive, virtual reality, transportation, medical,… we develop specific scent systems, scent solutions, scent micro systems, scent storage materials – together with you and for you.

Case Studies