About scent

Even before a newborn child can recognize its mother, it perceives her smell. Scents and aromas help us to differentiate and evaluate our environment – products, surroundings, people.

The sense of smell transmits messages to the brain faster than seeing, hearing or feeling. Why? Because it is the only sense that is directly connected to the limbic system. This is where emotions arise and are stored − linked to memories. The memory of scents and aromas sometimes surprises us in its precision.

Beyond the pure perception of fragrances, certain scent molecules have further effects. Recent studies have shown that some of them can activate pheromone receptors, thus boosting levels of attractiveness. Others can calm, activate or influence the sensation of temperature. These diverse levels of effect make scent a universally applicable instrument for communication – a design medium that conveys characteristics, awakens emotions, creates differentiation and is unforgettable.

Scent Marketing