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Our Scent Library

Scentcommunication has adapted or newly developed thousands of fragrances, flavors and scents. Our library offers virtually unlimited possibilities of authentic scent patterns – and our technology allows their precise use in all conceivable application scenarios.

Scentcommunication offers solutions for every application, from the selective and precisely controllable fragrance experience with „ScentController“ systems, through the fragrancing of smaller rooms or limited environments („Scense“, „Scentcube“) to the use of fragrances in large environments („ScentDiffuser“).

Parallel to the development of new technologies, we offer special solutions such as the fragrancing of automobiles and other means of transport or the enhancement of virtual or augmented reality (VR/AR) through the dimension of scent.


Bergamot Lemongrass & Tea

Very fresh and energizing with natural lemongrass, Earl Grey tea and lemon in the top notes, juniper berries, clove, rose and basil in its heart which is supported by balsamic musk notes

Bergamot Orange

A citric-fruity fragrance with precious essential oils – dominated by fresh orange, mandarin, bergamot and lemon as head notes, combined with fruity-aldehydic notes of bitter orange and grapefruit in its heart with a discrete base of raspberries, peach and exotic fruits.

Fresh White Tea

Aromatic, green, citric freshness, discreet subtle, refreshing and energizing

Lemongrass & Patchouli

Fresh and natural lemongrass, backed by orange, verbena, eucalyptus, with a heart of rose and geranium and natural patchouli and cedar in its base

Life Balancing Harmony

Fresh and pure orange and marjoram - harmonizing relaxing and exhilarant effects
*only for Diffusor applications


Balinese Frangipani

Exotic and tropical, flowery heart note: relaxing, comforting and sensual

Fresh Cut Grass

Pure, fresh and green notes with white flower petals in its heart: energizing and refreshing with a hint of fresh linen and laundry

Green Garden

Fresh natural notes of a garden with citrus trees - flowery notes, hints of citrus and a few wood notes.


Very minimalistic, light, slightly flowery fragrance of Magnolia that creates a positive mood; light, fruity citrus notes support a fresh impression.

Red Rose

Beautiful and elegant red rose, as if the flower was in front of your nose


Soothing essences of Jasmine, Mandarine, Melon with Liliy of the Valley, Rose and Lavender in its heart and precios Palisander and Musk support the feeling of inner calm and relaxation

Wild Flowers

A floral cocktail of comforting spring and summer flowers with a musky and balsamic foundation

Wild Jasmine

Sensual, attractive and sweet: a heavy flower fragrance, soothing and supporting intuition;
pureness and erotic stimulation


Airy Molecules

Airy, pure and clear: a minimalistic, transparent scent with very fresh ozonic water and air notes, combined with light cedarwood notes.

Wet Woods

Woody, refreshing, modern, innovative - elegant wood notes combined with ozonic and refreshing citrus notes

Attractive Space

The idea of personal attracivenss transported into the space: light and transparent, fresh watery and airy notes with a beautiful heart of Jasmine and Rose and a soft base of Tonka, Guaiak, Mate, Musk and oakmoss.


Green Tea, Grapefruit and Citrus notes support freshness and clarity and help to invogorate the atmosphere, Sandal wood complements te scent and supports mastering mental challenges easily.

Fresh Air

Perfect against bad smelling environments; gives a freshness and clean impression



Beach Lifestyle an Energy of California, pretty, sexy, a summer breeze. With amber, cedar and wood notes, a heart of Tuberose and Vanilla with a musky base.

Happy Enjoy

Bergamot, Iris, Sandal , Cedar, Cardamom and Musk activate the olfactory receptors and evoke a positive mood!

Life in Paradise

Inspired by the relaxed life in the tropics, with citric-green headnotes, frangipani, ylang, jasmine, damascenrose for the floral accents and beeries and apricots for the fruity heartnotes the scent is rounded off with amber, vanilla and sandalwood

Tropical Punch

Good mood by a burst of tropical fruits such as Mango, Pineapple, Maracuja,…: a very fresh-fruity-sweet scent



Freshly ground coffee – attractive and authentic.


Freshly baked French Madeleines - not only Proust would remember.

Vanilla Living

Creamy vanilla with hints of caramel: sensual and comforting, brightening and balancing


Calming Herbs

Diverse Herbs, Jasmine and Vanilla create a relaxing and calming atmosphere

Life Balancing Energy

Blend of pure energizing peppermint, eucalyptus and lemongrass - air cleaning, comforting for the respiratory system and activating the spirits, stimulating and refreshing
*only for Diffusor applications

Rain Forest

Mystic rain forest combined with flowers of a flower shop - warm and floral. Galbanum, dewy green accord with petit grain, warm spices and Guaiacwood.

Swiss Montain Pine

Purely natural: an authentic scent of the Alps - supports well-being, deepens the sleep; fresh, green forest notes and resin notes dominate.


Leathery Woods

Warm and woody Fragrance with soft olibanum notes. Head notes of fresh citrus, incense and juniper create an activating freshness, a spicy heart of pepper, clove and leather is complement the soft and balsamic amber notes and sandalwood to a precious and sophisticated composition.

Urban Cologne

Modern interpretation of a typical Cologne. Attractive, fresh with oriental and fresh top notes of Amber, Bergamot and Orange, a spicy-aromatic heart of Saffron, Mint from America, green notes and white musk and a woody-ambery base with Sandelwood from Caledonia , Dehnaloud and Amber notes


Amber & Sandalwood

Elegant balsamic wood notes, perfected with light leathery and fruity notes as head notes, soft and warm and very disrete powdery musk and natural patchouli in its base


Cozy and warm winter atmosphere with typical mid european flavors and Christmas spices

Fig & Cedarwood

Sensual with delicate sweetness of the fig harmonizes with positive and comforting moods of cedar


Exotic fragrance of Brazilian tonka beans, tobacco leaves, teak- and gujak wood, woody and bitter.

Precious Woods

Pure and elegant wood scents with the warmth of hardwoods and the freshness of cedar and pine

Pure Cedar & Sandal

Pure essential cedar oil - elegant, woody with the freshness of italian bergamot and the warmth of cedar and sandal woods
*only for Diffusor applications

Magic Cedar

Subtle and unique – unmistakable. Distinctive woody fragrance with an appeal to velvety skin, classy, seductive and fresh and almost pheromonic.

Wild Water

Contemporary fresh and aromatic woody notes with a top of petitgrain, cardamom, orange, lemon and fir, a heart of Jasmine, rosemary, rose and lily of the valley and a soft base with Brazilian Rosewood, oakmoss, vetiver and a hint of musk.

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