The Artist Scent Edition – RT

The artist scent edition connects exceptional contemporary artists with the best perfumers to develop their personal idea of a fragrance and bring it to reality. The artist scent edition takes up the new spread of smells in the art world as a phenomenon and focuses on the individual artistic approach to it and the various connotations that can raise between the artist’s work and a scent.

The first perfume released by the artist scent edition, is called RT and was developed in late summer 2020 by Rosemarie Trockel in collaboration with the perfumer, beautiful mind and artists friend Geza Schön. Release date will be early spring 2021. The intention is to realize two new artist scent editions a year, always limited to 500 numbered and boxed flacons.

A comprehensive workshop process between the artist and perfumer confers to a conceptual base for fragrances that exclusively follow the artistic concept. The result is a unique perfume in the true sense of the word and conclusively, the artist's initials represent the name of the fragrance. The visual appearance of the package follows the artist's concept and completes the edition together with the olfactory work.