The number of scents we have available is huge. Therefore we can just provide an extract our library scents.


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SCENTCOMMUNICATION has adapted more than 3,000 different scents, flavors and fragrances for ScentGel, ScentTubes, ScentCartridges, which are used for one-to-one scent experiences. This technology platform allows authentic and exactly controllable scent experiences – from fine fragrances to food and beverages, almost everything is possible! The ScentGels are used in the ScentTube and the Scense.


The ScentCartridges are used in our ScentController systems.


Signature Scents or Corporate Scents have a unique power. Scents as part of a sensory branding strategy will connect consumers to a brand and help increase the brand identification and loyalty. Scent is the new frontier of emotional branding. SCENTCOMMUNICATION has implemented a number of Scent Branding projects in different industries and for various accounts e.g. retailers and hotels around the globe.

Finding the perfect scent for your application require some evaluation of the customer's target group and includes one very important subject: Who is supposed to experience the fragrance or flavor and where? SCENTCOMMUNICATION will assess the situation and your goals and will offer customized scents as well as the best scent delivery technology for the specific project. Besides hundreds of standard library scents, we have used more than 3,000 different scents in a variety of applications.

Many of these were especially designed for a brand or even brand products true to their origin. Frequently, flavors or fragrances are employed (e.g. perfume oils or flavor compositions) that the customer already uses in manufacturing his products. Perfect rendition and authenticity as well as the most controllable scent release is our main focus. Together with our client we walk through the process of finding the right scents and appropriate technology based on our clients marketing goal.