The revolutionary PromoScent sampling product is the first step to deliver fragrant brand messages in a convenient handheld form. Lightly pressing the product between thumb and forefingers releases the scent or aroma experience. This can be repeated several times, with the same high fragrance quality each time. PromoScent is a completely new medium for communicating an authentic scent experience to the consumer. PromoScent delivers a “dry” whiff of fragrance to the user.

• dry and discreet scent or aroma sampling
• realistic representation of scent or aroma
• re-usable and resalable
• clean and hygienic
• printable advertising space on both sides, either directly on foil or on a sleeve
• available in multiple formats
• postal service approval for mailings and magazines.

Ongoing further development of scent technologies has added PromoScent to the diverse line of Scentcommunication's products, offering an innovative concept for experiencing scents and aromas once again. These mini scent dispensers are ideal for mass samples in the field of sampling and promotion and, unlike the classic “vials”, do not cannibalize product sales. PromoScent imparts a product’s characteristic aroma and flavor to the consumer’s senses realistically and convincingly. This fosters product and brand preferences and triggers the buying impulse. The small, pocket-sized format of PromoScent along with its printed surface, ensures that the product and brand stick in consumer's mind for a long period of time.


Datasheet PromoScent

promoscent.pdf [929 KB]