Creating authentic, individual and precisely controllable scent experiences allow to offer a new and irresistible dimension in communications. Whether scent is used at the Point of Sale, within multimedia or virtual reality concepts, in print media or as part of the architecture - Scentcommunication's patented product range will apply scent to any environment.

Ambient Air Solutions

The ScentCube creates pleasant and well controlled room atmospheres. With its modern and attractive design the ScentCube provides a new way to improve the ambience of living spaces. The dry storage and diffusing technologies allow authentic scent experiences, controllable scent intensity and long lasting scent quality.

The ScentCube can be placed almost everywhere in environments of up to 60sqm (650 quare feet) eg. at home, small shops, restaurants, bars, dressing rooms, smoking areas, at Trade Shows, doctor's offices. hotel rooms, Spa's, Wellness areas...


Datasheet ScentCube

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Compared to usual ambient scenting systems (mostly liquid-based) the Scense allows scent branding and dispenses the scent of your choice in the room in a clean and cost-effective way. The Scense can be positioned in public areas thanks to the simple locking system, the aluminum housing and the reduced dimensions. Easy maintenance: quick and straightforward replacing of the gel cartridges. No oil spilling.


Datasheet Scense

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This innovative yet easy to use micro-diffusing technology allows creating scented environments by using authentic and pure fragrance oils. Our experience shows that the systems allow precise controllability of the scent quality and the intensity in environments of 80 sqm (850square feet) up to 800 sqm (8500 square feet). Larger areas can be covered with additional systems.

The ScentDiffuser.aircon is designed as a bypass for air conditioning units to create scented environments of up to 2500 sqm (27000 square feet). Typically one to four different scents per system are used. Perfect applications for Scent Diffusers are shops, showrooms, hotel lobbies, gyms, wellness areas, spa's, Trade Shows, casinos, restaurants, Cinemas, entertainment areas...


Datasheet ScentDiffuser.aircon

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SCENTCOMMUNICATION's ScentDiffuser.wave is a professional standalone scent dispersing system for mid-sized areas. Almost every scent can be diffused into the environment through a micro-nebulization process. The pure fragrance or flavor is diffused without creating any heat to avoid any negative impact on the complexity and quality of the scent. The system transfers the fragrance / flavor from the liquid phase into the gas phase within itself, so risk of contamination is avoided.

Due to micro-nebulization, the system delivers a perfect controllable scent in areas up to 250 sqm (approx. 2,700 square feet). The unit can be easily carried and placed wherever needed. It needs to be adjusted just once. The life time of the scent cartridges depend on the settings and the application. Usually the cartridges last for 3 to 6 weeks.


Datasheet ScentDiffuser.wave

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